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Job Description
Location: Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Perform as the primary technical writer/editor for the FAA's Vsual Guidance Research Program and Projects; Create, develop, plan, proofread, and finalize technical documents, such as, Research Studies and Reports, Test Plans, Test Procedures, Test Reports, Operational and Instructional documents, manuals and/or web-based documents; Writes and edits technical documents and reports for content, format, flow, and integrity in conformance with FAA best practices; Write/Edit documents in accordance with standards for quality and style; ensure all assigned deliverables meet these standards; Determines the suitability of material for target audience; Provides additional or missing materials and edit written copy; Coordinate review of draft versions, collect and resolve reviewer comments, and incorporate accepted comments into the final document; Ensure products are delivered on or before the deadline.
Qualification & Requirements:
Degree Requirement: Bachelor's Degree in English, communications, technical writing or technology management, or related/relevant discipline.

Experience: 6 - 10 years of relevant technical writing, editing and documentation experience on FAA programs or projects preferred.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Proficiency in written English, grammar, and editing Demonstrated proficiency in developing detailed technical documents, such as, Requirements documents, User Handbook, Implementation Plans, Standard Operating Procedures, Research studies and Reports, Test Plans and Test procedures, etc.; Strong verbal and written communication skills with attention to details; Strong inter-personal skills necessary to interact and interface with engineering and research staff and management; Ability to perform in a fast-paced, team-based, quick reaction environment; Ability to work independently and multi-task; Must have experience using MS Office programs ( (Word, Excel, PPT, Project), desktop publishing, graphics, web publishing, etc.)
Job Type: Part-time
Pay: Commensurate with experience
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Job Description
Location: 6727 Delilah Road, Suite 100, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
The Engineering Technician shall be specialized in electrical/mechanical/fabrication experience maintaining facilities, assets, and infrastructure, and constructing project relate mockups, equipment, demonstrations, or prototype devices as provided through test plans, standard engineering drawings, or other sources. This candidate must be self-motivated and have the ability to work without daily supervision/direction from senior project personnel and have the ability to produce technical written documentation to project manager personnel to support the generation of technical reports or documents. Should also be able to accept guidance and instruction willingly, and subsequently apply that knowledge to the job. Technicians shall have good communication skills and provide insight during meetings. The candidate must be physically able to carry heavy items, and work in a wide range of environmental and weather extremes.
Periodic travel and occasional night work will be required.
Qualification & Requirements:
Experience: 6-10 years of electrical, mechanical, and fabrication experience Relevant Experience: Electrical License not required, however is a strength

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Fabrication machinery will include, but not be limited to, drill presses, metal breaks, lathes, metal punches and other common metal-working equipment. The candidate should possess familiarity with and have the desire to become proficient in the different phases of welding such as MIG, TIG, Stick, and arc welding.

Electrical tasks will include low voltage circuits, 120/240VAC circuits, and constant current and constant voltage circuits.

Ancillary experience in forklift, scissor, and man lift operations will also be required. Annual training will be provided in-house by FAA Safety Office personnel. Other on-the-job training in fall protection, respirator training, and confined space operations will also be provided by the FAA Safety Office
Pay: Commensurate with experience
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Job Description
Location: 6727 Delilah Road, Suite 100, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

Engineering and Information Technologies, Inc. (EIT) is looking for Engineers and Analysts in Terminal, Radar, and Communications Air Traffic Control (ATC) Systems specifically skilled in Preventative, Corrective Maintenance, and Troubleshooting for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) based near the William J Hughes Technical Center by Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Qualification & Requirements:
Experience: 5 years relevant experience with a Degree in Engineering, Math, or Science

Must be able to conduct Preventive Maintenance of the NAS Laboratories ATC systems, including all subsystems for field support efforts that includes, but is not limited to, checking system fans, status indicators for alarm conditions, signal levels, power levels, maintenance monitoring status, data output communications, and running system software certification, resource verification and any other certifications as required

Must be able to perform Corrective Maintenance of NAS Laboratories ATC systems for field support efforts that includes, but is not limited to, repairs or replacement of system components or lowest replaceable units (LRU) as outlined in the associated ATC System Maintenance Manuals. Corrective maintenance must be performed whether the system problem was found by performing preventive maintenance or from notifications on the Government provided ATC systems’ maintenance logbooks

Must be able to investigate anomalies of the ATC systems, including, but not limited to, hardware lowest replaceable unit (LRU) level, software adaptations, associated operating system components, system monitor indicators, fault indicators, power measurements, data signals, communications, system interfaces and software results. The results of the troubleshooting will be documented in the Trouble Reporting system.

Must be able to proficiently handle and use tools such as, but not limited to, oscilloscopes, power meters, network analyzers, data signal test sets, protocol analyzers, software applications, and data analysis tools.


Terminal Systems Supported

Radar Systems Supported

Communications Systems Supported

ARTS IE (Automated Radar Terminal System-1 Enhanced)

ASR-8 (Airport Surveillance Radar model-8)

Air-to-Ground Radio Systems (3 generations)

VSCS (Voice Switching and Control System)

ARTS IIE (Automated Radar Terminal System-2 Enhanced) 


ASR-9 (Airport Surveillance Radar model-9)

DALR (Digital Audio Legal Recorder)

VTABS (VSCS Training And Backup Switch)

ARTS IIIE (Automated Radar Terminal System-3 Enhanced)

ARSR-2 (Air Route Surveillance Radar model-2)

ETVS (Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch)

VoICE (Voice over Internet Communications Enterprise)

STARS (Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System) 


ATCBI-5 (Air Traffic Control Beacon Interrogator model-5)

IVSR (Interim Voice Switch Replacement)

NVR (NAS Voice Recorder) 

SCSC (STARS Central Support Complex)

ATCBI-6 (Air Traffic Control Beacon Interrogator model-6)


STVS (Small Tower Voice Switch)


Mode-S (Mode Select Secondary Surveillance Radar Beacon)

RCE (Radio Control Equipment)

VSBP (Voice Switch Bypass)

TAMR (Terminal Automation and Replacement Phase-3 Segment-1 Labs)

CD-2/ VORTAC / WSP (Weather Systems Processor)

RDVS (Litton 3080 Rapid Deployment Voice Switch)


Pay: Commensurate with experience
To Apply: Please send resumes to