EIT recognizes the importance of strategic partnerships. The Partnership Network aligns businesses and academia who offer complementary services in order to reinforce our commitment our customers while helping each other grow.

Strategic enterprises are a valuable and integral part of our business. As a part of our corporate commitment to our customers, we routinely seek best-in-class large and small businesses to complement our in-house capabilities. This approach to partnering, affords more access contract vehicles, helps identify more strategic opportunities, and builds stronger relationships between partners. We combine a virtual based environment of data sharing to encourage collaboration and streamline decision making.

Our collective experience and innovative ideas are vital to jointly building business while solving our customers' requirements. Building a network of qualified partners is fundamental to EIT's objectives:

  • Maintain competitive position as an industry leader
  • Build and maintaining loyalty amongst partners
  • Grow our customer affinity
  • Stay on the leading edge of technology and service